Exploration of Physical Sciences, Volume 1

Comprehensive software library of physics simulations covering a full year of introductory physics – Mechanics, Waves, Heat, Fluids, Optics, and Electricity & Magnetism.

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    Exploration of Physics, the most comprehensive physics simulation software package available, brings new innovative computer curriculum tools to physics teaching. The 49 highly interactive stand-alone simulations cover a full year of introductory physics – mechanics, waves, heat, fluids, electricity & magnetism, and optics are all given extensive treatment. The software program utilizes a simulated lab approach allowing students to perform in-depth investigations. Each simulation employs its own powerful engine that accurately recreates the physical world. Experimental parameters are easily manipulated using an assortment of slider controls; physical behaviours are brought to life using animated graphics that respond to user input; and physical quantities are displayed using digital readouts, graphs, and histograms. Each simulation has a readily accessible help screen providing information on using the simulation, along with a discussion of the underlying physics principles.

    The vast collection of simulations may be used in a variety of ways: (1) as an instructor lecture aid for demonstration purposes in front of the classroom, (2) for student use as a computer based lab activity. Exploration of Physics simulations can be used to introduce a physics concept, or serve nicely to reinforce and extend a lab (involving apparatus) that has already been performed. The ready-to-run simulations and highly intuitive interface allows first time users to immediately use the simulations and begin exploring with no preliminary time investment – essentially providing a ready-to-go lab experience.

    Simulations Contained in Volume 1: Mechanics - Position, Velocity, Acceleration; Vector Properties; Free Fall Laboratory; Projectile Motion; Centripetal Force; Inclined Plane; Centre of Mass; Air Track; 2D Collisions; Basic Torque; Gravitational; Orbits; Spring & Pendulum; Damped Oscillator; Two Mass Oscillator; 2D Oscillator Heat - Microscopic Heat; Thermal Conduction; Calorimetry; Gas Flow; 1st Law of Thermodynamics; Ideal Gas Waves - Wave Addition; Waves on a Rope; Standing Waves; Interference Patterns; Tone Beats; Doppler; Shift 1; Doppler Shift 2; Lissajous Figures Optics - Colour Addition; Colour Subtraction; Snell’s Law; Lenses; Fermat’s Principle; Basic Prism Electricity and Magnetism - Coulomb Forces; Electric Fields; Cathode-Ray Tube; Magnetic Fields; Lenz’s Law; Capacitor; Resistive Circuits; RC Circuits Fluids - Density Lab, Buoyancy Lab, Pressure & Depth, Bernoulli’s Equation, Torricelli’s Law, Flow Around a Wing

    System Requirements: Windows: Windows XP/7/8/10. Macintosh: Mac OSX  10.6 - 10.11.