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Online Laboratory Courses

Used by over 1500 laboratories and 200 MT/MLT training programs, MTS's Lab Training and Competency Assessment system provides a comprehensive online resource for building competency, improving the quality of laboratory services, and meeting regulatory requirements. There are currently 43 courses available, with more being added each year. The courses utilize digital video, audio, 3D animation, still images and text. The subscriptions are for 1 year and offers access to all courses.

1. Streamlined tracking and documentation
2. High quality multimedia content developed with the University of Washington
3. Over 50 hours of Continuing education (CE) credit
4. Custom competency tests for facility specific procedures
5. Document Tracking
6. Used by over 1,500 laboratories

The subscriptions are available for Single User, 5 User, 10 User, 20 User, 30 User, 40 User, 50 User, 60 User, 70 User, 80 User, 90 User, 100 Users. If you need pricing for more users please request a quote via our Contact Us form.


Track training and competency of staff involved in all phases of laboratory testing: specimen collection, transport, processing and analysis.


Administer and track competency tests for staff using microscopes, waived test kits, and instruments at the point of care. MTS Point of Care Competency Assessment is an online, image-based system designed to streamline the competency assessment process for staff performing waived tests, performing microsocpy procedures (PPMP), and using point of care instruments.

POCT Coordinators spend valuable time...

1. Sourcing samples and creating tests
2. Distributing and collecting test materials
3. Finding and reminding participants
4. Documenting and grading results.

MTS Point of Care Competency Assessment addresses these issues with...

1. High quality digital images - new test questions in each topic are published biannually
2. Simple test interfaces - multiple choice format that's easy to navigate
3. Automated Email Notifications - 1-click sends reminders to providers
4. Automated Login for Providers - Email Notifications provide an autologin link. The provider simply clicks on this link to go directly to their test menu.
5. Real-time monitoring of test completions and documentation for inspectors - use the Reporting feature to track progress and to generate printable reports
6. Test topics are available for both PPMP (Provider Performed Microscopy Procedures) and for waived test kits and POC instruments. Or create your own facility specific tests using the Custom Competency Assessment tool.


Track and document training and competency assessment for specimen collection staff. MTS Specimen Collection Training and Competency Assessment equips hospitals and training programs with a comprehensive online resource for building competency and meeting regulatory and continuing education requirements.

Document Tracking

1. Upload your custom training documents, Power Points, or SOPs
2. Optionally, create your own quiz or request a read receipt
3. Assign and track completion status
4. Create and track document versions.

Clinical Presentation of BleedingSynovial Fluid CollectionMature cysts of E.ColiHeel Stick Puncture Site


Overview: Introduction to the Clinical Laboratory, Introduction to Analytic Quality Assurance
Safety: Orientation to Patient Safety Biosafety, Chemical Safety, Electrical Safety, Fire Safety, Ergonomic Safety, UV Safety, Formaldehyde Safety
Specimen Collection: Basic Phlebotomy, Pediatric Phlebotomy, Advanced Phlebotomy, Patient Identification, Skin Puncture, Venipuncture, Blood Culture
Specimen Transport and Processing: Specimen Transport, Courier Transport, Specimen Processing
Laboratory Skills: Microscopy
Molecular Diagnostics: Introduction to Molecular Diagnostics
Chemistry: Cardiac Markers, Protein Electrophoresis, Urinalysis
Hematology: Peripheral Blood, Coagulation
Body Fluids: Cerebrospinal Fluid, Seminal Fluid, Serous Fluid, Amniotic Fluid, Synovial Fluid
Microbiology: Gram Stain, Mycology, Parasitology
Blood Banking: Introduction to Transfusion Service, Transfusion Safety: Ordering and Administering, Transfusion Safety: Specimen Collection, Transfusion Safety: Testing and Issuance
Immunology: Laboratory Methods, Anti-nuclear Antibody, Mouse Stomach Kidney, ANCA


Pre-Analytic: Safety, Customer Service, Patient Safety, Phlebotomy, Pediatric Phlebotomy, Chain of Custody, Specimen Processing, Specimen Transport, Transfusion Safety: Ordering and Administering, Transfusion Safety: Specimen Collection

Analytic:, Chemistry, Urinalysis, Protein Electrophoresis, Hematology, CSF/Serous, Microbiology, Gram Stain, Hepatitis & HIV AB, Coagulation, Toxicology, Semen Analysis, Transfusion Safety: Testing and Issuance, Transfusion Service: Basic, Transfusion Service: Intermediate, Anti-nuclear Antibody, Mouse-Stomach Kidney, ANCA

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