Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to Register to place an order?

YES, we now require you to register before ordering. We get a large number of people spamming large orders into the cart which only makes more work for us. The only way to stop it is to require registration before you can order. Credit Card details are not part of the registration, only contact details.

Do you accept returns?

YES we do, but there are conditions. Please visit our Terms and Conditions page for our Return Policy.

Do you have a handling fee?

NO we don't. We do include a fee for using Credit Card and Paypal. It is 1.75%.

Is Insurance compulsory?

YES. Insurance is added to the Shipping Total in the shopping cart.

Do you keep credit card details on file?

YES and NO. We don't store credit card details, but the numbers are stored with our payment gateway provider, eWAY. eWAY secures all customer and credit-card data with military-grade software and servers, and the highest level of encryption available.

Why does it take so long to supply some items?

Microscope slide orders take a long time to supply as they are best supplied freshly prepared. We choose not to stock DVD and software (with the exception of a few products) because it ensures the customer gets the most up-to-date version of the product at the time. Too often versions change, or information is updated, particularly in the medical fields, making any stock obsolete.

What is GST?

GST is a 10% tax on certain goods, and services supplied in Australia. It only applies to Australian orders. Overseas customers do not pay this tax.